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No Matter What Intuitive ERP® Adjustments You Need, PeopleSense Has the Tools to Help


Manufacturers work harder than ever these days, but their customers (and their governmental oversight committees) demand more from them each day. If you’re worried about meeting your obligations and you’re looking for a way to make work easier, we may have the answer you’ve been seeking.

PeopleSense can help manufacturers in highly regulated industries get even more from their powerhouse manufacturing software with tailored solutions and customizations that meet their needs. Learn more about the five ways manufacturers are increasingly tailoring their systems and Intuitive ERP®.

1. They Improve Tracking and Reporting

In a highly regulated industry such as manufacturing electronics, medical devices, or aviation equipment, your governmental oversight body is guaranteed to surprise you with hard-to-answer questions at the most inconvenient of times. If you can’t answer their questions in a very short time frame (often as little as 24 hours), your company will be slammed with regulatory fines and fees.

Intuitive ERP® offers comprehensive tracking and reporting features for regulated-industry manufacturers, but you need to train your system to capture the right data and deliver it in the right way. The ERP experts from PeopleSense can help with that.

2. They Integrate eCommerce and CRM to Meet Customer Demands

These days, B2B and B2G customers expect the same level of customer service that they receive from the B2C companies they work with in their personal lives. Since that B2C customer service largely rests on eCommerce convenience and capabilities, as well as the single-source view that CRM delivers, it can be hard to deliver that same service to your B2B and B2G customers.

With a flexible, modern intuitive manufacturing software solution, you can provide quality service that matches your clients’ expectations by leveraging business-building eCommerce and customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities – you’ll just need to set up the integration the right way. That’s where we come in.

3. They Integrate Their Company into a Seamless Whole

Say goodbye to the days of separate systems that require seemingly endless data entry, long waiting times for cross-departmental reports, and helpful business intelligence that you don’t receive until after the quarter, because ERP puts the information you need at your fingertips all the time.

Start doing business faster and smarter when you bring your front office and back office software together. ERP seamlessly integrates your planning, materials management and procurement, manufacturing, financial, and business intelligence processes so that you can focus on what matters: growing your business. If there’s a specific setup you need, such as hosted software or shop floor optimization, we’re there for you.

4. They Bring Employees Together from Across the Globe

If you’ve expanded regionally, nationally, globally – or even into a few separate locations in the same city, it’s likely that you’ve been seeing some disconnects in the way your employees complete tasks in their various locations. ERP has the power to standardize your business processes and workflows, but you may have to customize your system a little to meet the needs of your various offices.

Luckily, since Intuitive ERP® supports multi-national manufacturers with multi-language and multi-currency capabilities, customization is a breeze because you won’t have to hire software developers who speak multiple languages – you can hire PeopleSense to do all your work for you.

5. They Choose Affordable Solutions

It would be nice to pretend that money is no issue when it comes to supporting and customizing your business software, and that high quality upgrades and support are worth any price – but that simply isn’t the case. Now, more than ever, manufacturers in highly regulated industries are competing with thinner and thinner margins, and working tighter and tighter deadlines to maintain their most important contracts.

Great news! The PeopleSense consultants have over 70 years of combined experience in supporting Intuitive ERP®, and our pay-as-you-go service is more cost-effective and affordable than other support options for Intuitive ERP®.

Regulation Is Tough, but You Can Make It Easier

Today’s competitive business landscape offers large rewards to companies that can provide competitive differentiation, but with all the hoops regulated-industry manufactures have to jump through, it can be hard to find the time to separate yourself from the pack.

With PeopleSense support, hosting, customizations, and add-ons to your system, you’ll have the ability to seamlessly connect to your company, deliver timely reports to your government oversight bodies, and also enhance the level of service you can deliver to your customers. Though regulation requirements increase seemingly daily, you can make your job easier – all it takes is a little planning.


Contact the Intuitive ERP® support experts at PeopleSense to find out if your company would benefit from enhancing your system to meet your specific needs.