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This Checklist Turns Your ERP Evaluation Process into a Clear, Apples-to-Apples Comparison


Big purchases require big research. Since a new ERP is potentially the largest single purchase your business will make, you can expect the ERP evaluation process to be potentially the largest research project you will ever undertake. Though the internet should make your research easier, we all know that it doesn’t. Instead, all those websites and sales pitches muddy the waters and make you want to give up on your ERP selection process.

Don’t give up. There is an easier way.

Get your copy of the down-to-earth ERP System Evaluation Checklist and get back on track with your ERP selection process immediately. Download the Checklist from PeopleSense.

How the ERP Evaluation Checklist Helps You

Forget the sales pitches you read on the ERP vendors’ websites and stop struggling through the mountain of “informational” PDFs clogging up your inbox. You have a big research project to complete, and sorting through this mountain of material without this Checklist will quickly start to feel like trying to find the proverbial needle in a haystack.

The Checklist helps you:

  • Focus on What Truly Matters

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions are designed to meet the needs of a lot of businesses. These massive software solutions have so much functionality and so many bells and whistles that you can safely assume you do not need every feature in every ERP.

The Checklist helps you quickly identify and prioritize functions across the 5 top feature categories that every ERP should deliver on, so you can immediately determine what features matter most to your organization. 

  • Agree on Clear Definitions

Have you ever been comparing pasta on store shelves and realized that one type of spaghetti tells you the price per ounce, whereas another tells you the price per pound? This is irritating but manageable: a calculator can help you find the answers.

Unfortunately, this problem exists in the ERP evaluation process as well. Terms like “cloud,” “AI,” “business intelligence,” and “customizable” have a lot of leeway – but you can’t use a calculator to discover the facts behind the spin for these terms.

This Checklist helps because it provides clear terminology, with clear definitions and benefits listings, so that you and your entire team has what you need to understand whether the ERP system you are evaluating contains the functions you require.

  • Dive Deep into Functionality

All ERP salespeople will tell you what their solution offers, but most salespeople will not tell you what their solution is missing. This is a shame because you need to know what each solution is missing before you sign on the dotted line.

Many ERP implementation failures result from those “If only I had known…” moments. Considering all the work you’ve put in, you deserve to lead your company to an ERP implementation success.

The Checklist helps by clearly listing 45 critical functions modern ERPs should have, divided by category. With this wide range of ERP functions at your fingertips, you will have what you need to pin down salespeople and dive deep into the existing and missing functionality for each ERP you are considering.

Get Some Free Help for Your ERP Selection Process – No Strings Attached

When choosing your new ERP, your organization must select an ERP that delivers the features and functions that truly matter for your needs. But as Shakespeare would say: “there’s the rub.” Determining what’s essential for your business can be very difficult, especially because different ERP vendors use different wording for the same terms and functions.

When you download the ERP Evaluation Checklist, you will have the tool you need to ensure you and your team are all on the same page about what features matter, and which ERP systems meet those needs. You deserve some help in this big research project of yours: the Checklist is the help you’ve been looking for.


Download the ERP System Evaluation Checklist from PeopleSense


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