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Made2Manage® is a high-quality system.


From quote to cash, Made2Manage® (M2M®) manufacturing software is easy-to-use and enables small and midsize manufacturers to manage all of their business operations.

The fully integrated Made2Manage® software, built on a Microsoft technology platform, enables manufacturers in such industries as electronics, fabricated metal, industrial machinery, medical devices, transportation and general manufacturing to gain a competitive advantage while increasing overall profitability.

General Manufacturing

A wide variety of manufacturers leverage the flexibility and ease-of-use of Made2Manage® manufacturing software to improve operational efficiencies, customer satisfaction and financial performance while managing business growth.


With Made2Manage®, electronics manufacturers manage components with reference designators, source parts and sub-contractors, streamline the supply chain, configure products, plan and schedule jobs, and more.

Metal Fabrication

The highly-specialized metal fabrication industry achieves efficiencies with Made2Manage®; meeting precision requirements, collaborating with the supply chain, managing multi-dimensional inventory, reducing bottlenecks, and more.

Industrial Machinery

Industrial machinery manufacturers use M2M® manufacturing software to integrate production activities, manage non-standard parts, roll-up project costs and track field service.

Whatever the Industry, PeopleSense Is Here to Help

PeopleSense has assembled a group of skilled Technical and Business Process Improvement Consultants with extensive Made2Manage® experience in a variety of industries. Our consultants have been working with M2M® for more than 10 years; some even have 20+ years experience. And, PeopleSense consultants understand the value of listening to the customer’s needs and goals, plus they have the skills to help customers attain those goals. This experience also makes them effective and efficient troubleshooters when you have an emergency or run into a roadblock.

So when you need help, give us a call at (602) 281-5702 or just reach out.