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Do You Have Advanced Reporting for Ma2M® and Intuitive ERP®? Are You Using It Right?


What if we told you that gaining deeper insight into your business operations and profitability was pretty easy? What if we told you there’s a high possibility you already have the software to do this? What if we told you that, with the software you probably already own, you can run a staggering range of detailed, comprehensive reports on demand?

If we told you all that, it’s likely that you’d wonder what the reporting program was and what kinds of reports it could run – and you’d also probably wonder why you’ve been spending so much darn time messing with cumbersome spreadsheets.

You’re busy and we don’t want to keep you waiting, so we’ll just answer those questions now. The reporting application is Advanced Reporting for Made2Manage® (M2M®) and Intuitive ERP®, and it can run a whole bunch of truly helpful and detailed reports. As for the other question of yours, well, we can’t tell you why you’ve been relying on spreadsheets, but we can suggest an alternative: Start training your staff to use the Advanced Reporting module now. 

What Is Advanced Reporting for Made2Manage® and Intuitive ERP®?

Designed as an add-on module for M2M® and Intuitive ERP®, Advanced Reporting provides all the analysis tools modern businesses need to make better decisions faster.

The biggest surprise about Advanced Reporting for Made2Manage® and Intuitive ERP® is that there’s a high possibility you already have it, which means you already have the ability to run detailed reports such as:

  • Departmental Budget to Actual
  • Detailed Income Statement with Budgets
  • Month to Date Bookings
  • Shipped Not Invoiced
  • Part Usage Trends
  • Income Statement and Balance Sheet

In addition, Advanced Reporting for M2M® and Intuitive ERP® provides:

  • Dashboards that help you keep an eye on critical KPIs
  • Report scheduling and distribution
  • Handy visuals and graphs
  • Comprehensive drilldowns to answer your questions
  • Report permissions management

And, remember, you may already have access to this program.

If you aren’t using all the above capabilities in your Advanced Reporting module, you aren’t yet using the tool to its maximum potential.

We can help with that.

How to Turbocharge Your Advanced Reporting Skills

Here are PeopleSense, we want you to get the most out of the business management tools you’ve selected. After all, if you decided that a tool was important enough to purchase, it’s certainly important enough to use to its fullest extent.

That’s why we’re offering comprehensive training for the Advanced Reporting module, which includes customized training programs, delivered in short weekly or bi-weekly sessions. Each lesson builds on the learnings from the previous lessons, so it can provide you and your staff with a deep, confident understanding of all the ins and outs of Advanced Reporting for Made2Manage® and Intuitive ERP®.

Each training session typically takes around two hours (though the introductory session is a bit longer), and the companies we work with usually find that they have all the information they need within 10 total hours.

You can view a sample training agenda here (scroll down the page to the section called “Training Logistics”).

In addition to this unique training offering, only available through PeopleSense, you can also tap into the PeopleSense team’s more than 25 years’ experience of report consulting and report writing, so you can make the absolute most of your Advanced Reporting module.


Interested to learn more about training, consulting, and report writing for Advanced Reporting for Made2Manage® and Intuitive ERP®? Just contact PeopleSense. We’ll be happy to explain the details to you.