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With the Right Payment Solutions Company, You’ll Experience a Range of Benefits with Credit Card Processing in Made2Manage® and Intuitive ERP®


Let’s face it, credit card processing probably isn’t your favorite part of running your manufacturing business. It’s costly, it can be a pain in the neck, and it comes saddled with all those tiresome PCI compliance requirements.

What if we told you there was a way to make credit card processing in Intuitive ERP® and Made2Manage (M2M®) better?

Just to clarify, we’re not saying that you’ll suddenly love credit card processing after you read this article – but you will know how you can save on processing fees, simplify your processing tasks, and stop worrying about PCI compliance.

That’s because, at the end of this article, you’ll know all about VelocIT Connect.

What’s VelocIT Connect?

VelocIT Connect is a fully PCI-compliant advanced payment solution that works with Made2Manage® and Intuitive ERP®. It helps you succeed with secure credit card processing, on cutting-edge terminals, and can significantly lower your processing costs through the use of interchange optimization.

In addition, VelocIT Connect comes with free terminals and free services, including free installation, free support, and free new features released on a regular basis.

Why Do Manufacturers Choose VelocIT Connect for Credit Card Processing in Made2Manage® and Intuitive ERP®?

All those free benefits are great, but they’re only a small fraction of the overall advantages manufacturers can experience with VelocIT Connect.

In fact, we started offering VelocIT Connect because we figured that our manufacturing clients would really appreciate specific benefits:

  • Comprehensive card security

The modern manufacturing industry is hard enough to compete in without having to worry about additional regulatory compliance, but you certainly don’t want to overlook something small in your credit card transactions and end up responsible for costly non-compliance fees or — worse! — a breach.

VelocIT Connect utilizes the industry’s most aggressive card security standards and tactics (P2PE and tokenization), so you can trust that your clients’ cards are secure at all times, and that you’re in compliance.

  • Faster funding and flexible payment options

Running ACH transactions or selling on an eCommerce platform? Ready to set your salespeople up with the ability to accept credit card payments in the field? We were impressed with the flexibility of VelocIT Connect, specifically how it can accept all sorts of payments on all sorts of terminals.

We also appreciated that VelocIT offered next-day funding to their customers, instead of resorting to the industry standard, 3-day funding wait.

  • Level 3 optimization

Here’s something interesting that we recently learned about credit card processing. As a manufacturer, you have a distinct cost-savings opportunity as compared to many other industries: you primarily sell B2B. This means most of your credit card transactions likely involve a business card – and that means you may be eligible for Level 3 optimization.

We’re not going to go into a whole discussion about Level 3 right now (that’s another blog for another day), but the quick-and-dirty explanation about why Level 3 is a good thing is because it can reduce your total cost of payment processing by a full percentage point, which equates to a 30% savings!

You Have Choices for Credit Card Processing in M2M® and Intuitive ERP®

As we said earlier, we don’t expect that you’ll suddenly love credit card processing in Made2Manage® and Intuitive ERP® now that you’ve read this article. After all, the people who truly love credit card processing spend their time running payment solution companies for the rest of us.

At your manufacturing business, you have better things to do than focus on credit cards, which is why it’s lucky that VelocIT clearly loves credit card processing and offers so many perks for manufacturers. With VelocIT Connect, you can maintain full focus on growing your business, while enjoying a lot more benefits and a lot less credit-card-compliance stress.


Interested to learn more and see if VelocIT would work for you? Contact PeopleSense to get more information on credit card processing in Made2Manage® and Intuitive ERP®.