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Is Your ERP Project Team Prepared to Cross the Finish Line?

Planning an ERP implementation in the next 12 months? Like all important endeavors, success requires careful planning, along with the right people to keep the project on track.

Discover how you can build your ERP dream team to cross the finish line on time and on budget. Download the white paper, “Building the Best ERP Project Team.”

Who Should Be on Your Team?

IT experts and professional ERP consultants are critical for your project’s success. However, your dream team should be composed of internal staff. When you read the white paper, you will understand:

  • Which staff members are the best fit for your project’s team
  • What each team member can expect for their project duties and time commitment
  • How to identify the best people for your project

The white paper also contains a surprising note about considerations for including extra people.

As you are planning your team, remember that your ERP project is like any other large project. To ensure that your go-live crosses the finish line on time and on budget, you need to manage risk and cash, and make sure all members of your team have the insight they need to make smart, fast decisions.

Tips for Staying on Track

Once you have your team assembled, you need to outline clear expectations for task completion that will keep the project on track. Access the white paper to discover essential information about:

  • How to build your project’s plan
  • How often to review the plan
  • Recommendations for communication about issues or delays

An achievable roadmap makes a great plan, but it must be detailed enough that nothing falls through the cracks yet flexible enough that your team has wiggle room to overcome unexpected challenges. By reviewing the plan regularly and communicating openly and honestly, your team will have the information it needs to confidently mitigate potential risks while limiting cost overruns.

Gain these benefits by selecting dream team members for soft skills including persistence, creative problem solving, and transparent communication. Since ERP projects are nearly guaranteed to have a few surprises, you will also want to choose team members with an even temperament.

Discover How to Maintain Your ERP Project’s Motivation & Momentum

Selecting an ERP is an important task, but a successful, on-time implementation is key to achieving your fastest ROI along with a higher adoption rate for your new solution.

Prepare to reach all your milestones for success. Download the white paper to learn how you can build your ERP implementation project’s winning dream team.

Download the “Building the Best ERP Project Team” white paper


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